Saturday, 7 July 2018

Dunedin: Life in New Zealand. Part 13

Not much has happened since my last blog post, apart from buying a house. But I'll post about that when its time.

It snowed for one morning in early June. It forced Sabine to hang around in the morning with me, and we left together because there was no way I could have walked to work on the icy paths. However by home time it had all melted.

Sabine had a hair cut in town one morning. Her first one since before the wedding.

With work I went to a Maori village near Taiaroa Head on the peninsular. It wasn't a tourist village, it was a working one with a meeting house, school and Christian (? why?) church. We were shown around which was nice and all, but there wasn't much of a lunchtime today.

Bloody Yue is scratching at the door of the cat room all the bloody time. I have been awoken by him meowing like crazy and scratching at the door late at night. I usually put on gardening gloves and go in there and smack him.

21st June (Thursday)-
Yue is back from being neutered today at the vets. He was very groggy and spaced out, but otherwise back to his normal self after a day.

30th June (Saturday)-
We spotted a Yellowhammer in the garden.
This evening was Dunedin's 'Midwinter Carnival', which was a naffer version of Brightons 'Burning of the Clocks'. It was only for 15mins with a fireworks display that went off about half an hour later. The procession has a lot to live up to compared to the UK.

3rd July (Tuesday)-
I was hungry during my afternoon tea break. I decided to go to the Night n Day 24 hour store to get something (first time in weeks). Sabine was walking just ahead of me in the Octagon (it was just gone 3:15pm), walking back to the car after her work. I ran up to her and decided to get in her way. She looked at me as if I was an annoying guy, before she realised it was me!! HAHAHA!!!!

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Dunedin: This Weekend

Both days we went swimming first thing. There were water competitions such as water polo going on all day this weekend.

After shopping on Saturday I topped up the bird feeders and a Tui came down!

On the Sunday we had a house viewing around 11:30am. This is for a house in Brighton. Sabine and I are getting informed about what money can give you. This is not for rent but rather to buy. Not that we can at the moment, but like I said, its good to have a poke around a few homes and see what you get for the money. This house was on a cliff more or less, overlooking the sea. It needed a lift to access its 3 floors, or alternatively walking up the stairs which are outside. The rooms were incredibly higgledy piggledy. So not our thing. The walls were thin too and let in the cold. Also, there was not much to heat the place.

Just before the viewing though we tried out Brightons cafe which was really nice! After that we visited the butterflies.

Keeping the house warm is tricky but you can get a nice heat from the fire!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Dunedin: Preparing For Winter

Recently we have had a Bellbird on our feeders!!! He is fantastic and hangs around the garden alongside the Silvereyes and Green Finches. One morning as I was changing the sugar water container he was flying around the trees and the feeders as if to tell me off for taking his food away. What a cutie!

Sabine and I are continuing with our swimming. We have been going basically every other day. I tried the watersides one evening. I was a bit cheeky and inquired at the slides themselves about it, and the woman in charge just let me have a go on them, seeing as both slides weren't in use anyway. Usually you need to pay extra for them. She let me try both the slow ride and the fast one.

I banged my foot in the swimming pool one evening on my way out. It didn't feel like much at first but it caused light bleeding and blistered later on. Its been difficult walking on it. I dont think the quality of the water is very... natural. More like they are putting in too much chlorine or bleach or something. Yes we have been going more regularly, but we have been experiencing dry skin and very dry hair. My hair feels like straw. We use moisturising cream but we still need hair conditioner.

One evening just before bed I noticed a very small and cute stick insect in the bathroom. We handled it and took photos of it. Then I put it outside. It reminded me of them being around when I was a kid, though this one was very small.

Sabine and I got the news that we passed immigration. We send off both our passports in order to have residency permits put in them. This is not permanent residency, as that's the final step which is a few years away.

12 Sat-
We went to the market first thing. Today's highlight vegetable was a HUGE swede. We decided to go swimming directly afterwards but by this point it was 8:30 going on 9am, and all the lanes were full, most of them with swimming lessons. Sabine's slow lane was crammed and things just weren't working out, so we left and came home. We showered then went out again to town. Sabine wanted to go to a cafe but the one we tried (the Vanguard) was full so we couldn't. We both didn't want to walk to town. My foot was hurting because of when I banged it the other day so I didn't want to walk too much. Its actually the rubbing against the shoe that's causing the pain each time I take a step.
We went grocery shopping, starting at Mitre 10 for bird related things. We had a nice cake in their cafe. We got a decent bird feeder with hooks and more fat balls. We even got two Bell Bird / Tui feeders to entice the Bell Bird that's visiting our garden. We then shopped in Pac N Save. We did some of the cooking for the week, but not all. I also set up the bird feeder.

13 Sun-
We went swimming first thing, and it was much better than yesterday. Its Mothers Day today across most of the world, so we were lucky to get a table at this cafe / pub type place. Looking at other tables, they were serving incredible portions. I ordered a curry, and Sabine had 'Portabello Mushrooms'. Unfortunately hers was on the smallish side, but mine was a winner! Sabine was feeling miffed so she got a cake at another proper cafe we went to before, just up the road from where we ate. This time it was for take out. I got a cake too because why not. Mine was a raspberry and white chocolate slice and hers was a chocolate brownie. I inquired in 3 woolen shops around the Octagon, regarding woolen socks to rival what I have for bed socks. Its actually a pair of Dads woolen NZ socks that's been in use for nearly 30 years. Unfortunately none of these shops sell them, just crap thin things that would last next to no time. One shop told me that I'm likely to get a pair in a woolen shop in Ashburton. After looking up online just now I've found this website:

We went to Island Park Reserve Estuary at Waldronville / Brighton for another walk to the sea. This being our 3rd visit I think. The waves were high, almost good enough to surf on.

We came home and cooked the things we bought yesterday. A Bell Bird was on the new feeder whilst I was messaging Alex. After that we decided to go swimming again, cause why not! I taught her some more strokes that would be good for once she has her googles which she ordered.

14 Mon-
I went out to lunch with an Indian guy named Pankaj from work, to celebrate my residency permit. He got it too last November. I remember at the time when he got it. He works in BIS like me, but not in my direct area. The restaurant we went to was called Indian Garden, on Hanover street. It was an Indian (dur) that served nice curry things in individual pots. Only $11 (about £6) for the lunch special. Pankaj was working for an Indian telecommunications company that sent him to different countries for a few years at a time, that being UK (Leeds), Dubai, Australia, and even Helsinki. He was working in Auckland when he decided he wanted to stay. His Indian company didn't help him so he got a different job and somehow got to be working at the DCC, whist applying successfully for residency.
My shoes from Mum and Dad arrived! Thank god! They actually bought me two pairs which was nice. Here's hoping they actually last more than 4 months! I don't trust the brands you can buy out here.

18 Fri-
This evening we went to the Italian restaurant Etrusco again to meet up with Barbara, who was in town. She is a friend of Mum's who lived next door but one in Upper Hutt when I was a kid. I last saw her 4 or so years ago in England. Earlier in the week I got a Facebook message from Jessica, her daughter, asking for my phone number so Barbara and I could communicate. That morning at work I got Sabine on board and we searched for somewhere appropriate to go for dinner that would have gluten free food. We decided on Etrusco again because they did a decent gluten free menu, and because we knew it was good. I arranged the booking, reserving a table for 6:30pm. Sabine and I got there first and it wasn't long before Barbara arrived. We ordered a gluten free flat bread for a starter, and each with a main course. I had another pasta but it was really filling. Sabine had a pizza which looked great. We talked to Barbara about the past and the present, about her work and family life, and visa versa for our lives. I wanted to pay for the meal but she wouldn't allow that. We kinda fought over who to pay. lol. We gave her a lift back to her aunts place. Shes been here for a week to visit her aunt who she doesn't see very often. She forgot to give me her present earlier so she was happy that we were able to give her a lift so she could give us it, which turned out to be a nice bunch of expensive Whitaker's chocolate.

19 Sat-
We went swimming first thing, then decided to head to town. The parcel for my new socks had arrived and was lying on the doorstep just as we were heading out. These are loveeely socks. I didn't mention that are designed as hiking socks, but I just like using them in the house and as bed socks. This new pair is a pack of two for $40. They should last for yearrrs, hopefully! Earlier in the week I emailed the sock specialist that I found online and attached them a photo of the pair I took out to NZ with me, and asked if they still produce them. This is the guys response:

Hi Alan,

I remember these socks fondly! 
We used to make these - however unfortunately the yarn required to make these became harder and harder to source, it's quite a heavy gauge - and then eventually NZ lost the industry for scourers and so the raw materials had to be sourced from off shore - so the financial suitability to produce these in NZ and have at a reasonable price for end consumers became obsolete. 
Sad but true reality of many NZ manufacturing plants.

But alas we have an alternative - the yarn is not as heavy duty - and won't last you 30 years but I have a few pairs myself and suit me fine for my gumboots and steel caps.

I think the guy was underselling it to be honest, as of when I'm writing this passage (22/05), they have been brilliant. Incredibly similar to the pair I brought out with me. Very thick, warm woolen sockys!

Back to talking about Saturday, we had lunch at 'The Perk' cafe. We've been there twice now, they do nice cakes. We decided to have their breakfast but it was served like arty food. A bit disappointing considering, but they are still great for their sweet range. I bought a new pair of pyjamas in town. I wanted something heavy and cotton. I tried on a few things and decided on this 2XL blue check, pure cotton set. I must admit I'm not too happy with my current pyjamas because its not cotton. They are a tad uncomfortable and don't exactly fit me. I'm not comfortable sleeping in materials other than cotton. We looked around a few more shops as Sabine needs new shoes and a nice winter coat. She found a pair and bought them, but is struggling to get a winter coat. After that we went and did a weekly shop.
New pyjamas and socks

20 Sun-
We went swimming this morning first thing. Later we went out for lunch to a cafe called 'Govenners cafe'. The door kept opening and blowing in fallen brown leaves. I called it a 'rustic atmosphere'. Sabine wasnt thrilled by her choice, but I was happy with my burger.

They did this arty competition thing. Basically they have a wall covered with customers napkin art. They pick out one a month and give the creator a $20 cafe voucher. I know its a gimmick, but I still wanted to draw something. I only had a pen, pencil and highlighter pen but I gave it a shot. They had snap dragons in a vase on our table, so I drew them. Here's my photo before I handed it in:

After that we went window shopping, but soon came home to clean the house. This afternoon we watched the latest live action Disney version of Cinderella, and ate a new 'Jurassic World' Chargrill Doritos flavour, which were strangely bright red coloured.
We bought Kindling yesterday so we have everything prepared for using the wood burner. Today we finally put it on. We watched a YouTube video on how to use it and set up the kindling and place the firewood on top. It got going properly after putting on the third log. It took a good hour to warm up. Our cats LOOOVED it! They were sitting by the fire and stretching out their bodies to keep warm. I have to admit I could get used to this, but we have to use it sparingly.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Dunedin: Wedding Anniversary and Going Swimming Again!

Wednesday 25th was Anzac Day, a public holiday here in NZ. I cooked us eggs on toast this morning. Later we went to the Ecosanctuary and each had a plate of spicy nachos which was yummy.

26 Thu-
I got my hair cut today. I was really hoping to get it right at long last, but yet again I felt like they cut it wrong. I may go to another hair dressers next time.

28 Sat-
After eating eggs again this morning we headed to the market, then had something nice at a cafe in town that we haven't visited before. That was nice.
After a shop at Pac N Save / Warehouse we came home and did the cooking. We now have enough food to cover two weeks. So we will skip going to the market next week.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, but we decided to celebrate tonight for dinner at an Italian in town called Etrusco at the Savoy. It was excellent. We had 3 starters; olives, pizza bread (it was more like a Margherita) and bruschetta (3 small garlic breads with different toppings). For our mains Sabine had a nice veggy pizza, and I had a really tasty pasta dish with cured Italian ham. It was excellent, really damn goooood and probably the best pasta dish I've ever eaten!! The restaurant itself was on the first floor of this building and had a nice roaring fireplace. The bar was in the middle of the room which reminded me of Cheers.

29 Sun-
Its been raining all weekend.
We went swimming today. Both of us. Sabine decided to get us both a 6 month pass for Moana Pool. We HAVE to go at least twice a week to make it worth the price. I did my usual lengths and an underwater length. I'm quite pleased I can still do this. Sabine swam for more than a hour. I'm quite proud of her.
Later today we went to Re:Burger and visited the butterfly's at the museum.
The ceiling drip is back again, so the landlady came over to witness it. They pretended to understand whats going on, claiming its just dripping from the top of the chimney pipe from the roof. Rubbish. If it were, it would be dripping down the chimney, not to its side. They came back the next day and 'cleaned the chimney pipe', after I asked for a professional to do this and make sure its viable for use. They are amateurs who insist they do everything themselves. Its annoying as I still feel unsure about the condition of the chimney.

On the 1st and 3rd of May we went swimming after work. Its amazing how many student swimming lessons are happening here. They have a 50m length pool divided in the middle with a floating wall. They also have a diving pool which is a 25m length pool which is really deep. They also have a huge kiddy pool with a wave machine, another toddler pool tucked around the back, and a bubbling hot spa pool which we use after our swim. Oh, and rapids pool.

Work has had me dealing with this philshing leaflet process. Its a bit quirky in its idea, but I feel its another waste of tax payers money. Instead of sending out an email to all the staff about philshing prevention, they instead have decided to create this leaflet, which will be handed out to all staff. The catch is, I have been tasked to fold these bloody things and stick a bloody Cadburys "Chocolate Fish" bar on each and every one. Its been bloody tiresome. I have to do this for hundreds of leaflets and chocolate bars. Its ironic really that I am literally the soul and only 'Cadbury factory' in Dunedin right now. Talking of which, the recently closed factory has been completely sold off to be built as a new hospital. That is actually quite a good thing. But the Cadbury World tourist attraction is also going now. Until this point it was to stay.

For the weekend of the 5th and 6th, we went swimming early on each morning.
I also enjoyed the rapids pool for a bit then we went in the hot spa pool.
On the Saturday we visited the Ecosanctuary and had lunch there. Not so many birds around though. Its pretty cold out now :(
We bought a different fish from Pac N Save called an Elephant fish. I don't think its as tasty as the Brill.
Sat evening we watched a DVD; Casper. It was quite a good kids film from 1995.
On the Sunday we tried another cafe we haven't visited before. I had pancakes.
Back home I cleaned out the bird feeders and topped them all up. We haven't used them in months.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Dunedin: Birdie In the Garden

I really didn't think I would be blogging about this. Sabine did, and I feel that was rather brave of her to do so. You see nearly EVERYONE doesn't talk about miscarriages. I dunno why? Is it something to keep to ones selves? Isn't it something people should know about so as to learn harsh realities and help comfort the grieving ex-parents to be?

On Tuesday the 3rd April Sabine wanted to 'speak with me' after work, so we went to Jizo for dinner; a Japanese restaurant in town. I had Katsu curry which was nice. I was expecting news about a pregnancy because I couldn't work out what else she needed to say to me in such a formal way.

Her pregnancy was confirmed by the doctors the next day, "4 to 6 weeks in" they said.

It was a bit of a shock, but not something I was overly concerned about. In fact over the next few days I was even getting excited at the prospect of being a father. We even joked around, calling it 'little one' or 'Birdie'.

That Friday at work, around late morning, Sabine emailed me to say something was wrong, and that she needs to see the doctors right away. Luckily she saw someone straight away, but they couldn't tell exactly what the issue could be. She was booked in for her first baby ultrasound scan on the following Monday so we just had to wait it out.

Saturday the 7th arrived and at a restaurant eating a halloumi burger we decided that no matter what, we wanted a child, and even had the realisation that no time is a good time to have a child, but we would regret it if we grew old without having children.

That evening she was getting worse than previously. She phoned up the hospital and was told to go to the emergency hospital. So we did. I did the driving. At the E.H. We were told to wait in a 4 hour queue, or alternatively be seen at an 'emergency doctors'. I have no idea why there would be a 4 hour queue in an emergency hospital, but I've heard some pretty bad stories about the hospital here in Dunedin. We chose the latter and decided on seeing a doctor right away. The emergency doctors was some place else in town, and it was good to be seen relatively quickly. It looked like an impressive place, but it didn't have the equipment, not even an ultrasound machine. We paid a hell of a lot of money just to be told to wait for the scan on Monday.

Sunday the 8th was depressing. We both spent the day in mourning. Sabines situation was bad going on worse and was definitely going through a miscarriage.
She phoned her mum, which didn't help. They don't see eye to eye and Sabine didn't get the emotional support she was after.
Next I Skyped my parents and Mum and Dad were incredibly nice and sympathetic. It was the best thing that happened that day to be honest. Mum was mum and couldn't have been nicer and sympathetic if she tried with what she said. Dad hardly got a word in but was also nice and sympathetic.

We went to bed early, but around 10pm Sabine woke me up up to say it happened for real. We decided to bury our Birdie in the garden just outside the kitchen window. It was pitch black and drizzling. :'( :'(

9 Mon-
I met up with Sabine for lunch. She had the week off for reasons such as visiting the the German consulate in Christchurch so she could get her passport surname changed to Morton. This all never happened. I was suppose to go to but then I got my work extension which was more important.
Sabine was due for an ultrasound scan today but when calling this morning they just out-rightly canceled the booking without so much as a how do you do. This is incredibly wrong! Sabine needed to know if she was alright! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE HOSPITALS OUT HERE??!?!?! After meeting up with me she went to see Rebecca, one of her managers, and told her everything. Rebecca was sympathetic and said Sabine can come back to work but only if she feels its okay.
Mum sent a bunch of lovely flowers via Inter-flora. They came with a nice hand written message.

Sabine had her doctors appointment on the Wednesday. She was arranged to get a scan done the week after but luckily she was slotted in and seen the next day.

Sabine got really down following the miscarriage but it hasn't been all bad. We decided its the right time to have a baby.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Dunedin: Life in New Zealand. Part 12

3 Tues-
Sabine and I went to a restaurant called Jizo for dinner. I had Katsu curry which was nice. Sabine had a noodle dish which she said wasn't that great. The prices were comparable to the mall and other eateries, so all in all not too badly priced, at all.

6 Fri-
Today there was a travelling saleswoman in the DCC staff room, selling leather bags and wallets for over $60. Why this is allowed is insane. What’s worse is that it actually worked for her. I noticed that a lot of woman in the building actually bought her things. I was left flabbergasted. Surely she shouldn’t be allowed here, but the workers in this building don’t care, and actually BOUGHT things off her! I can’t believe this sort of stupidity happened. How dumb are humans? I found out later that she was here as a way of fundraising for the DCC social club. So they take a cut of her earnings. I’m still left asking... WHY?!?!

7 Sat-
This morning I cooked eggs on toast for us both. I finally decided it was time to get the cat room windowsill sorted out. Some weeks ago we got a carpet and some double sided tape. Today I measured it out and cut the carpet to size and put in on the sill. Looks okay. I hope it holds out.
Yesterday or the day before, Sabine noticed mold on the couch that we don't use. We looked online for a way of getting rid of it, and so after buying the correct stuff, I used a mixture of alcohol and soap in a spray bottle, and by doing this outside, I brushed away at the mold and used the spray solution to get rid of it. Afterwards it was recommended to let things dry then do the same procedure again with white vinegar.
We went to town to try a halloumi burger that was been advertised in one of the cafes in the mall. It wasn't very good. more like a basic cheese burger. The halloumi wasn't grilled properly and was melting and soaking into the bun. The hot chocolate was served in a glass which turned into what can only be described as a chocolate milkshake in no time at all.
This evening with watched The Maze Runner.

10 Tues-
Weather not so great today. Hailing like crazy early this morning and later this evening too, as well as intermittently during the day. So much so the ice compacted and looked like snow. It wasn't so easy to walk to work.
Yue got his second shot at the vet later today. His first was with his original owners.

11 Wed-
After arranging with the fire wood guy, we finally got it all delivered at 4pm this afternoon. Its $85 per meter which works out at $340. This was a real bargain and I have to thank our landlady for the recommendation. The wood arrived ready split so it can go directly in the fire. So that's a bonus. Once home I moved it all from the pile on the driveway to the wood port thingy (a separate section from the car port, but the same idea). It took me an hour.
Sabine was laughing saying that she couldn't understand the kiwi guys accent when he was delivering the wood.
Our wood for the winter!

12 Thu-
After work we went to the Fresh Choice superstore near us (our first visit) just to check it out. I wanted to visit months ago but Sabine declined until now. It was a smaller supermarket with a very limited range and rather expensive. I was kinda hoping SOME things would be cheaper, but I guess not. Sabine was expecting a 'fresh choice' of fruit and veg.

13 Fri-
A truck overturned on Stuart Street at 11am-ish whilst I was at work. This was a silage truck that lost its breaks and forced itself to turn over to stop. No one was killed luckily. They were still cleaning the silage off the street when I was walking past at 5:10pm.

14 Sat-
This morning after I don't know how many months, we finally did something we should have been doing all this time: we went to the weekly Farmers Market. Its located as a part of the railway station. It was a huge event. There were food stalls galore, fresh fruit and veg stalls and even things like wine stalls and chutney stalls. A lot of things were overpriced, but the things that weren't were the things we bought.
EVERYTHING in the list below that we got is fresh:
- 'Brill' fish ; $10 for 500 grams. Comparable to Pac n Save, yet we got a lot of advice regarding what sort of fish we should buy. Sabine said that the Blue Cod is tasteless, and the woman agreed, advising us to go for the Brill.
- 4 small turnips ; $2, we have not seen them in Pac N Save, yet we feel for what we got, it was a bargain price.
- Spring onions ; $2, comparable to Pac n Save.
- Mushrooms ; $5, Also comparable to Pac N Save, yet these were extremely huge and very fresh looking.
- Bell Peppers ; $10, Incredible price. This was a HUGE pack of "seconds", which I guess is the farmers wording for 'going off' / needs to be cooked today. Lucky for us this is exactly what we did later as I'm typing this. This I feel was a HUGE bargain.
- Big gigantous red onions ; $5, A fantastic price. So fresh that the earth was still on them. Incredible looking.
- Oversized Zucchini ; $1!!!! This is the best bargain I have ever come across. It was a MASSIVE marrow going for a STUPIDLY cheap price.
- Butter Nut ; $2.50 ; oversized again. For the same dealer as the zucchini. Again this price was amazing.
- Kohlrabi ; $3, I'm actually unsure what this is, but it tasted nice a few minutes ago, like a parsnip. It was like the size of a small football.
I'm so pleased we discovered this place. We will be here every week. For sure.
After we put the grocers in the car, we headed to a cafe that we have never been to before, yet always walked past. This is called Vanguard. I had a fruit cake with a banana smoothy, and Sabine had Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon with a hot chocolate.
After that we went to Mitre 10 for our second visit. This time to find Tarpaulin to cover the fire wood. We came across an awesome pet area which sells things for great prices. So that's yet another plus.  We then did our weekly shop at The Warehouse / Pac N Save. After that we came home and cooked the stuff we bought. Freezing it for use in the week. I also covered the wood using the tarpaulin we bought.
Fresh foods!
look at these beauties!
yummmii mushiis!!

15 Sun-
I cooked us Eggs for breakfast, then we cleaned the house. After that I went to get us Fish and Chips for lunch. The typical routine for this when buying this as follows:
Me: Fish and Chips please for two.
Chinese worker: Fysh Cheep
Me: For two...
Her: Toh?
Me: yes.
Her: Eigh-dhalla
Me: Eight dollars? Oh okay.
To be fair its not actually too bad. We wouldn't keep going back otherwise lol.
After that we went to look at a few things from Miter 10 and Bunnings, which was our first visit to this DIY Superstore. After that back to Pac N Save and Warehouse.
Tonight we watched The Maze Runner part 2 and moved the dog crate into the kitty room for a permanent placement (unpacking it though. Its quick and easy to set up).

16 Mon-
Went to the vets directly after work because we think our cats have a cold virus. Turns out that they indeed do have. Yue had to have three injections but screamed blue murder during the third. It didn't work so the vet attempted another 4 times, each time he was screaming and behaving like a demon! It was very frightening. In the end he was taken away to be injected by another vet and Sabine and I just looked at each other whilst we could hear his demonic screaming from the other room. lol
After that we got some Polyfilla from Bunnings, and a sandpaper and spatular.

21 Sat-
Fresh foods from the market / Pac n Save this week:
- Broccoli ; $1.50 from Pac n Save.
- 'Tarakihi' fish ; $10 for 500 grams. Last weeks Brill fish was excellent. It kept its fluffy, thick texture once cooked (and reheated), and was really tasty. This fish was bought from the same stall, and the guy (not a woman this time) said its better than their Brill.
- 2 packs of small turnips ; $2 each. We still haven't seen them in Pac N Save.
- 2 packs of Spring onions ; $1.90 each, from Pac n Save.
- Mushrooms ; $4.90 from Pac N Save, yet these were a pac of button mushrooms, and slightly smaller than last weeks. In fact the stall wasn't selling them this week.
- Bell Peppers ; $5, this was a pack of 4 from Pac n Save. Not as much for what we got last week, but the stall selling them wasn't there today.
- 2 Oversized Zucchinis ; $1 each! Still the best bargain in Dunedin by far. From the same seller as last week.
- 2 Butter Nuts ; $3.50 each ; not nearly as big as last weeks. Also bought from a different stall. We also noticed later on that Pac n Save sells them too.
-1 packet of 'Mung' bean sprouts ; $3 for 500g. From an asian stall that also was selling tofu.
- 2 packets of Tofu ; $4.00 & $4.40. This was a better looking deal in Pac N Save to be honest, that came in a variety of ranges.
- 1 pack of Jerusalem Artichokes ; $1 for what I would say is 500g. A great bargain from a market stall owner.
- 1 packet of Carrots from Pac N Save ; $2.90.
- 1 packet of Parsnips from Pac N Save ; $2.70.
- Mince from Pac N Save ; $12.80 at $12 per kg.
- 2 packets of really interesting chutneys from a stall at the market. One is called "Roast Beetroot with Fennel Pesto" (okay, that one is a pesto) and the other is "Olive Tapanade".
We came home and cooked the lot! After trying a bit whilst cooking, the 'Tarakihi' turned out to be a tasteless fish. Oh well. Its got a nice texture. After the endless but fun cooking, I cooked us eggs on toast. We got this cheese and onion bread earlier, but it was just toast flavoured when it came to eating it, or rather egg flavoured cause that dominated the taste. After that I used the Polyfilla and the stuff we got on Monday to fill in a hole in the wall in the cat room that wasn't started by us, but was opened up more and more by our cats over these past few months, as a game I suppose. Anyway, I sanded it down then filled it in. We will get a matching paint at some point down the line and go over it, but I'm pleased with how flat I got the wall to be at the end, even though it was a bit of a messy job.
Calcifer kitty on my lap
Kiwi chocolate easter "egg". On sale!
This was also on sale! A really cute marshmallow easter chick inside a chocolate egg. 
More fresh foods this week! YUMMY!
Cute Kitties on Sabines lap!

Yue is sometimes a scarf 
My first wall hole filled!...lets see if it lasts, or if the cats scratch at it again...

22 Sun-
Today was a lazy day. We cleaned the house then went to town to the butterflies. We wanted lunch at Re:Burger but they said its a 20min waiting time, so we instead ate at the Mall. I had a yummy curry and Sabine had a Chinese. I also ordered some chips.
Calcifer has adopted Yues skill of jumping onto my shoulder and staying there. Even Hermione has tried it a few times! Also, after every shower, Calcifer loves to inspect my freshly clean feet. He sniffs them, then lies down on them. So cute!

Ours cats new album cover. I think only Christopher and Dad will understand this.

we havent seen these two in here in quite a while :3